Find Available PDF Broken

Find available pdf is not working. Zotero version 6.0.27. The software is unable to find any pdfs, even when they are known OA. Zotfile extension has been installed as an add on, and an active library resolver has been added. Has anyone encountered "find available pdf" failing on 100% of citations? If so, what is the fix? Thank you.
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for an attempt that fails?
  • D1716491926
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    Sorry for the delay. Have you resolved this? It looks like you were running this in a library for which you don't have editing privileges. That shouldn't actually be possible, and I don't see you as a member of the library in question. Was this with a group you've since left? A deleted group that you archived locally? With a different account from the one you're logged into?
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    No it has not been resolved. Sorry for the confusion. I posted the request for help on behalf of: [removed]. It is her library, and she is the one having issues finding pdfs. She confirmed with me today that the issue has not been resolved.

    Thank you
  • This is being run in two public open groups, which don't allow files.

    It shouldn't actually allow Find Available PDF in public open groups, and if it does that's a bug we'll need to fix, but that's why it's not working. Adding files in those groups wouldn't work any other way either.
  • OK, I can reproduce Find Available PDF showing up in groups with file editing disabled. We'll fix, but the fix will just be disabling the menu option.
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