Two Zotero storage folders?

I am trying to clean up a hard drive that is close to capacity. In the course of reviewing which folders on the drive are large, I have discovered that there is a Zotero storage folder on both my C drive--the drive that is too full--and a Zotero storage folder on my F drive--the drive that I have designated as my Data Directory Location in Zotero preferences. The storage folder on the C Drive is 11.3 GB and the storage folder on the F drive is 13.4 GB.
Does it make sense that there are 2 separate storage folders? If not, how do I consolidate them onto the F drive?
  • edited September 13, 2023
    There would be two if you changed your data directory location in the Zotero settings, didn't actually move the existing data directory itself, and just synced your data and files down from your online library to the new, empty library. Zotero only uses the data directory you've designated, and it doesn't move files to the new location. You can likely delete the old one.
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