How to prevent Zotero plug-in from switching collections on Zotero when adding a source

Hello all,

I typically have Zotero open all day long. While browsing the internet, I regularly add articles to my library, selecting one or the other sub-collection via the Zotero plug-in (on Chrome). When I switch back from my web browser to the Zotero program, I often notice that Zotero switched to the sub-collection to which I just added a new source. This can be annoying when I am busy sorting through another sub-collection as I have to open it again and figure out where I stopped or which note I was browsing. I am thus looking for a way to prevent the Zotero plug-in (on Chrome) from switching sub-collections automatically on the Zotero program. Is it possible?

I couldn't find an answer to my question online, but figuring out what to search for was a little tricky. Apologies if this was already solved in another discussion.

Thank you.
  • No, not possible. Changing the collection in the app changes where the Connector saves to, and so by definition changing the collection in the save popup changes the collection in the app.

    This might change out of necessity in the future if it becomes possible to open more than one collection at a time (e.g., in multiple windows), but this is how it works now.
  • All right, noted! Thanks a lot for the swift reply.
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