Can’t edit entries in web library

edited September 6, 2023
I can no longer open or edit entries in my web library at, using iOS 16.6 and Firefox 116.4. When I select the entry from all entries or from a search result list and click “edit,” the entry doesn’t open up for editing like (I think?) it used to. The only effect is that the phrase/button “all items” at top-left disappears, until I click “done” and then “all items” returns. The “>” at the far right edge of each entry doesn’t do anything when I click it, either. Long-pressing the entry shifts me into “select” mode, but there’s no option to edit any entry whose “select” circle I’ve selected. I’m fuzzy about how editing web library entries used to work, when it did work, but I thought clicking the entry or its “>” would open the entry for editing. I tried the Chrome browser as well and the experience is the same.
  • You're talking about doing this in the web library on an iPad or iPhone?

    We'll look into that, but is there a reason you're not using the iOS app?
  • edited September 6, 2023
    Yeah, because I had no idea it existed! Fantastic news. Edit: oh my gosh the iOS app is stupendous!
  • edited September 7, 2023
    Thank you for reporting. We've been able to identify and fix a bug in web library causing this problem on a small subset of devices.
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