Sync directly with tablet via USB

Is there a way to sync with tablet/phone directly via USB/Wifi rather than through the internet? With an iPad, it is in principle possible to sync files directly from the desktop to the tablet, but Zotero doesn't appear in the iPad list of apps which can do that (in Finder, under Locations then iPad/Files).
  • No, Zotero needs its proper sync infrastructure to sync metadata and files; you can't just do a simple file sync, sorry. What's the use case?
  • Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I posted a question on the forum a few weeks back but never got any comments. My question was:

    Does "unlimited" mean "unlimited" or is there a "fair usage" policy?

    I'm paying for the Unlimited storage plan because I want to synchronise attached files as well as data between my computer and my tablet and phone. Everything is working fine, so no complaints there, but since I would like to manage my whole library - physical books as well as PDFs - I'm just wondering if I risk at some point going over an unspecified limit if I have maybe thousands of attached files. My iPad has 1TB of memory, so no problem there, but is there a "fair use" policy with the Zotero cloud storage that might limit me? Thanks
  • I don't believe there's a limit. It's possible at some point Zotero would check/inquire, but I'd expect that to be at several 100GB, and even then, book scans are squarely within intended usage
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