Zotero 7: Strange focusing behaviour in UI

edited September 5, 2023
A) Pressing Tab in the PDF/EPUB viewer cannot reach the "Item/Notes Pane".
1) Open a PDF viewer or the EPUB viewer with annotations
2) Click inside the center pane
3) Press Tab multiple times
The focus switches to the top bar starting with Toggle Sidebar, then the next bar in the "Sidebar", then "Search Annotations", then through the annotations options and back to the top.
I cannot reach anymore the "Item/Notes Pane" with Tab.

B) In some cases, pressing Tab many times has a cyclic behaviour, focusing different parts and going back to the original point. In other cases, it is stuck at the end:
1) Pressing Tab through the fields of the Info Pane, it gets stuck at the Extra field. But if you press Shift+Tab many times in the My Library tab, you get a cylic behaviour through the Extra field.
2) If the PDF has annotations, you get a cyclic behaviour in the PDF viewer. But if the PDF does not have annotations, you get stuck at Search Annotations.

C) Pressing Tab in the HTML viewer does not do anything

D) Pressing Tab in the main My Library tab when a Note is opened in the
"Item Pane", the focus switches to the Note edition. Then the new Tab will add a Tab in the note (text edition) and thus break the focus switching behaviour.

E) In some places, the focus is identified by a dashed lined square (New Collection in My Library). In other places, it is a blue line square (Toggle Sidebar in the PDF viewer). Is there any reason to show them differently?

F) When switching tabs in the "Item Pane", the focus is directly on the first line inside the tab rather than on the tab title. So Item Type in the Info Tab, or Add in the other tabs. If you click twice on the tab title, it now gets a dashed line square on the tab title. Afterwards, switching tabs keeps the focus on the tab title instead of the first line in it.
The dashed line square also appears simply by toggling the Item or Notes buttons at the top right in the PDF viewer.

All these are fairly harmless, but it may still be worth fixing a few things here.

Tested on Windows 10 with Zotero 7.0.0-beta.39+ecba25be0 (64-bit)
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