Storage folder is not empty but the main window shows nothing


Recently, I created a symbolic link with `ln -s /users/Zotero/storage /cloud/storage`.

After that, the storage folder in the cloud was synchronized into the Zotero/storage folder.

I'm pretty sure the storage folder is not empty, but I can't see any terms in the Zotero window.

What should I do to reload the storage folder? I have restarted Zotero many times.

  • We can't help with this config, obviously, but you should read through Zotero Data to make sure you actually understand how this works. The 'storage' folder doesn't have anything to do with your library data. It's just attachment files. Data is in the zotero.sqlite database.
  • Hi! Thanks for your reply. It seems I need to backup and migrate `zotero.sqlite` and `zotero.sqlite.bak` files at the same time? If I only want items migrated, do these folders (locate, logs, pipes, etc.) need to be migrated to the new device at the same time?
  • Again, we're not going to help you with any config like this, but library data is in zotero.sqlite, and the zotero.sqlite file can't be stored in cloud storage.

    If you just want to transfer data between devices once, see Transferring a Library.
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