Word crashing with Sonoma beta

This discussion was created from comments split from: Word (Mac) crashes when adding Footnote (Report ID: 197542060).
  • Hello I am have having similar issues with word crashing, I was using Sonoma Beta but have gone back to Sonoma today. I am rather clueless with Zotero as I have just started using it. What information would be helpful? At present word freezes when I try to do anything. I have reinstalled word, reinstalled my OS and when it opens again will check the plugins. What plugins do I need to have just incase it is me?
  • I was using Sonoma Beta but have gone back to Sonoma today
    I don't know what you meant to write there — there's no non-beta version of Sonoma. If you're using the Sonoma beta, you need to be running the Zotero 7 beta. If you're running Ventura or earlier, you can use Zotero 6, and you should reinstall the plugin from the Cite pane of the Zotero preferences.

    (But you absolutely shouldn't have been running a beta version of macOS on a computer you're trying to do real work on.)
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