Exporting a Zotero library

Hi. When right-clickling on my main Library, I am seeing an option to "Export Library."
If I use the Zotero RDF format to export and save the file on my laptop, can I later use this to build my entire library with the labels?
While I have Zotero backed up through a manual copy-paste of its storage and other folders, I also want to know about the option above.
Will the above option give me a simple list of all my bibliographic entries and the labels I've attached to them?
  • Can you explain what you're trying to do? While Zotero RDF includes tags, an export isn't intended as a backup. You should have a proper backup of your data directory.
  • I just saw that option so I thought it may be one way of ensuring that all my saved info is saved somewhere outside Zotero as a .docx or PDF file.
    In case data is lost etc., it'll still be nice to just have a simple text file showing all my bibliographic entries along with their tags and Notes info.
  • It doesn't do any harm to use, of course, but it's the wrong way to think about a back-up: Zotero RDF is a representation of Zotero data based on XML/RDF (i.e. a plain text-based general format) and will restore almost all of the information when re-imported, yes, but e.g. it will break connection to existing Word/LO docs and there's some minimal data loss. It's great if you want to pass on some of your library to another Zotero user, e.g.
    A regular database back-up is also a representation of Zotero data in an general open format (sqlite). Restoring from a back-up will completely restore your database, exactly as it was before, including all connections both to Zotero sync and to existing Word/LO documents, i.e. it's a better back-up in every aspect.
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