Problems with the containing-collection highlight

When I select an item and then hold down the Ctrl key on Windows or the Alt key on Linux, I can highlight all the collections that item is in.

- In Windows 10, the containing-collection highlight remains after releasing the Ctrl key. I can only see a short blinking of the highlights when I release the Ctrl key, but it remains active afterwards. It can only be disabled by clicking outside of the Zotero window, going in another tab in Zotero, or making a short press of the Ctrl key on any item.
- In Ubuntu 23.04, the containing-collection highlight disappears when I release the Alt key. But if I try to repeat directly after on the same item, that does not work anymore. A third time, and that works again.

I understand that the expected behaviour is that the containing-collection highlight should disappear when releasing the activation key, every time you do it. So each OS has a different bug.
I first tested on Zotero 7.0.0-beta.38. But I went back to Zotero 6.0.12 on Windows 10, and it was already the same behaviour.

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