Generate Report from Items--Staying in Background then Opening Too High

I'm on Zotero 6.0.26, Windows 11. Two problems--one seemingly triggering the other--are happening when I select a group of library catalog items (center pane) and choose to Generate Report.

Problem 1: If I have chosen to generate a report and, rather than closing it, I have clicked back into Zotero, leaving it open in the background, a subsequent effort to generate a report opens it in the report in the background, but gives me no indication it's there. It seems like it's failing until later I find the report in the background.

Problem 2: If I've done the above, then close the report window, the next time I choose to display a report, it displays it high, so that the bar across the top is out of sight above my monitor's display. I have to get creative to close it. (This seems only a problem if Zotero is maximized or otherwise sitting flush against the top of the monitor.)

Possible Aggravating Factor: It might have nothing to do with this, but I started to notice this when I was experimenting (with complete failure) in the use of the Zotero Report Customizer add-on. Thinking this could be the problem, I removed it and rebooted Zotero. The problem continues.
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