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Is there any way I could add the same tag to multiple annotations at once?

Right now if I'm reading a particularly chunky passage, I may have several separate annotations I'd like to make but...all of them will really need the same tag.

Does the system allow us to bulk apply tags to selected annotations? Such that I could (windows) Ctrl + click select 5 annotations then hit the tag

Space Race

And, all 5 annotations would get the Space Race tag?


  • Select multiple items and drag them to a tag in the tag selector.

    For a colored tag, you can also just press the associated number on your keyboard.

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    Oh, wait, you're asking about PDF annotations?

    Dragging to the tag selector in that sidebar should work too (though it looks like it's broken in the Zotero 7 beta).
  • Hello dstillman,

    Ah! I follow. You must feel like "There's SO much to do!" I'll tell you - the program is SO powerful and helping SO many people. When I see how hard you and your team work to help people I feel impressed. THANK YOU, dstillman. Whenever that feature gets coded please just give a wee note.

    Thank you again! :)))))))))))))))


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