Tagged Annotations: Upon Using Create Note from Annotations, Tags Aren't Also Created?

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I can highlight a sentence and add tags to the highlight.

So, for example, if I highlight this sentence:

We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard

and add the tags

Kennedy; 1962; Space Race

Upon running


I DO get the quote in the extracted annotations note and in the pane at the right - but it seems that the tags ASSOCIATED with the highlights are not there?

For example, let's say there were 100 highlights in a PDF and there were 30 with the tag 1962, after extracting the highlights via Create Note from Annotation, how can I identify these 30 highlights have the tag 1962?

Put another way - if we tag highlights / annotations, upon extracting the highlights via Notes Created from Annotation, how can we ALSO have the use of the tags that we've added to the highlights once extracted?

Many thanks,

  • I am seeing a box in the bottom left of the PDF Reader screen that lets me filter to the pages where a tag was added to a comment.
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    Hi Donna,

    Ah! You're right! What about the annotations extracted AS NOTES?

    So rather than IN the PDF itself, generating a COLLECTION of your highlights in a separate format - called a Note (it seems).


    You can extract these annotations as notes in two ways.

    From the right-hand corner, click on the notebook icon, then on the plus sign and Add Item Note from Annotations


    From the Zotero Library, right-click on the reference, and then select Add Note from Annotations.

    (This is from that link - it's about 3/4 of the way down the page.)

    The highlights and annotations all list in a "Note" when I follow the above, but there's not Tags accompanying them.

    While the highlights themselves are REALLY useful collected like that, there's a down side: for me, I do a LOT of my thinking IN the tags, marking up lines of text as things occur to me while I read.

    Getting all highlights together in a single file is REALLY the goal BUT...without the tags I kind of have to...go and re-read the whole file again.

    Even if i DID do that...I'd probably just wind up...TAGGING the extracted highlights all again by hand?

    I'm hoping there was some way to extract highlights and annotations into a Note AND...have them also show the tags associated with them.

    How does all that sound?


  • The documentation you are looking for is here.

    Specifically for your example on highlights, you could use the following template in extensions.zotero.annotations.noteTemplates.highlight:
    <p>{{highlight}} {{citation}} {{comment}}{{if tags}} <b>#{{tags join=' #'}}</b>{{endif}}</p>

    For more complex templates, you may look at the Better Notes plugin

  • WOW! There's a LOT of flexibility and power to the design! Thank you VERY much for the terrific EXAMPLE! That kind of illustration is so valuable. MANY THANKS! :))))))))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wow from me, too! Thanks, Cab!
  • Oops, I meant thanks, @mjthoraval!
  • I really wanted this! Thank you so much.
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