Zotero 7: Escape selection and popups in the PDF viewer and in notes

In the PDF viewer:
- If I make a selection, I get automatically a colour selection popup. I can close it by pressing Esc, or clicking in another place inside the PDF area, which will also cancel the text selection. But it does not do anything if I click outside the PDF area but still inside the PDF viewer center pane. I would have expected that a click anywhere in the PDF viewer center pane would also behave as clicking in the PDF area, unselecting the text and closing the popup.
- If I click on the selected text, it closes the text selection and the popup.
- For hyperlinks, I get a temporary popup, so I can simply move the mouse to close it, which is fine.

In a note:
- If I click on annotation citations and hyperlinks, I get a permanent popup: it remains if I click again on it, move the mouse, click anywhere outside the note, and even when I press Esc. So it seems that the only way to close the popup is by clicking somewhere away from it but still inside the note. I would have expected at least that pressing Esc would close the popup.
- Highlighting text in the note does not trigger any popup. Pressing Esc does not unselect the text.
- For a short note which still has empty space at the bottom of the note window, a click in the bottom empty area behaves the same as clicking on the last line, with the horizontal position of the mouse click following the horizontal position of the mouse, even though it is not at the same vertical position. I would prefer that clicking below the last line simply goes to the end of the last line, as with Notepad or Sublime Text. The current behaviour is very annoying if you have an annotation or an hyperlink on the last line.
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