Zotero 7 Beta - Slow annotation search bar in Word

Compared to Zotero 6, the Zotero 7 beta takes quite long to pop up the red bar to search. Could this be caused by a document that was partly edited in Zot 6 and now I'm in Zot 7?
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    You mean citation search in the word processor plugin? ("Annotations" refers to the PDF reader.)

    That shouldn't be slower. Can you provide a Debug ID for an operation that's slow? Note that this would certainly vary by the size of your document.
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    I edited a citation and removed it.
  • Can you 1) disable all third-party plugins and 2) provide a Debug ID for Zotero startup through reproducing this, using the "Restart with Logging Enabled…" option?
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    Zotero Wanderer (Zotfile 7 thing) disabled.

    Done! D1658063959
    Repeated same action, twice, with a word reboot in the middle to rule that out.
  • Integration: MacWord16-addEditCitation:'/Applications/Microsoft Word.app/' complete in 5.367s
    What exactly is slow? This shows the whole process of the dialog being open taking only 5 seconds.

    Note that the Word for Mac plugin is just fairly slow in general, particularly in large documents. If this is a large document, make sure you have "Automatically update citations" disabled in the plugin's Document Preferences window. @adomasven might be able to say more, but I don't think there's any reason word processor integration should be slower in Zotero 7 — if anything, it should be faster like everything else.
  • I disabled the auto update and now it's almost instant. Works for me! It is a large document, so makes sense.

    How can I see what the progress is of the manual refresh? I just closed word while it was still working in the background.
  • Unfortunately we're not currently able to create a progress bar, but we might be able to in a future version.
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