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    This is outstanding! I'm writing a book with heavy research and am at 611 pages in Word. The 64-bit version is faster, especially when I'm in public working on an older Lenovo T450p ThinkPad. I just had to reinstall the Word plugin when I updated from version 6 to version 7 beta, and then I was off and running!

    One question; it's been asked before on the forums with version 6 - are there any plans to incorporate the ability to build a bibliography at the end of a chapter based on folders? Currently, I have all my research sorted into folders by chapter name, and it would be pretty sweet if we could have a button in Word that would insert the bibliography from a specific folder. That way, I could add the bibliography from the folder with the corresponding chapter name, and if I update any items in Zotero, I could just hit Refresh in Word's Zotero toolbar. Currently, I'm worried that doing the entire bibliography at the end of the book will insert duplicated sources, but haven't tried that yet, so not sure if that will happen.

    Thanks so much for this amazing work!
  • (Please start new threads for new issues — your question has nothing to do with the Zotero 7 beta announcement. I've moved this to a new thread.)

    This seems to be a misunderstanding of how the word processor plugin works. When you use the plugin, the bibliography is just a representation of the citations in the document. You don't just insert a bibliography — you add citations as appropriate while you're writing the text, and then Zotero generates and continues to update a bibliography based on the sources you've actually cited.

    If you just want to insert a bibliography from a collection at the end of your writing, you can of course do that just from Zotero itself, but that has nothing to do with the word processor plugins.
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