Hyperink in Notes --Ctrl+Click puts target site in background

If I have a hyperlink in the text of a Note, and I click on the link, it displays a URL link. That link brings a browser to the front and opens the desired URL. If, however, I do a Ctrl+click on the link, it puts a little flourish on top of the link, but appears to do nothing else. Later, behind the Zotero screen, I'll find that it did open the URL, but left it in the background. Can this be altered to also bring the browser window forward?
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    I'm not sure what you mean. Are you Ctrl-clicking on the link in the note itself or in the popup? Also, is this Zotero 7?

    Ctrl-clicking on the link in the text opens the link without opening the popup, but that should be the only difference. It brings the browser to the front for me.
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    I'm on 6. I tried it again today. It worked the first time properly. But once the browser was open in the background and I tried again, it opened the link target in the browser, but left the browser in the background. I'm using Chrome on Windows 11.
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