PDF Reader Reports "No Extracted Text" on PDF

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Working on this pdf, Zotero PDF reader is not able to extract the text from highlighted area. This is about Zotero 7 beta, but I suspect it is the same for Zotero 6.

Having a closer look at the pdf, it appears the text is not correctly encoded or decoded, as less on the PDF file shows:
^Z^H^R^Y^H^X^P^T^S^A^T ^A^O^Z^\^A^V^H^P^S^R^R^A^V^P^W^Q^A^A
^T ^A^X^\^U^O^T^T^S^A^O^H^N^P ^P^W^A^B^F^D^E^G^C^A^A
While pdf2txtshows:

Those are character identifiers and are mapped to postscript names. I suspect it might be a Japanese cimap. I thus wonder if there is something to do at the Zotero PDF reader level or if it is beyond the abilities of the reader.
  • The PDF file has its text obscured on purpose. Preview.app asks for the owner password when trying to copy text, while other viewers just copy garbled text.
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    Yes I know, but it works with other PDFs of the same issue. I should have mentioned it in my first post. For example, this article. preview.app also ask for a password to copy text, but the Zotero PDF reader can bypass it. Or maybe there is a flaw in the reader, not following the restrictions of the PDF itself.
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    Beyond this problem, could there be legal issue for the pdf.js for bypassing the pdf restrictions and allowing to copy text, while other readers will comply and ask for a password?
  • Any thoughts on this matter?
  • It's likely that this feature hasn't been implemented in pdf.js because it's a rare use case. But I'll try to report them the issue.
  • Well, but it only makes sense to do so if you know the master password of the PDF file.
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