Desktop won't accept valid login credentials

Trying to set up synch on Windows desktop client on W11. It won't accept my username/pw, though those same will get me logged in to the web client. What to do?
  • I don't see any login attempts for your username today.

    Can you provide a Debug ID for an attempt to set up syncing that fails?
  • Sorry for the delay. Here is the debug ID D1541514800
  • You haven't set up syncing in the preferences. To be clear, you have to actually click Set Up Syncing. I'd guess that you're closing the preferences without doing that.
  • When I click the sync icon at the upper right, I get a dialog that says I have to enter my username and pw in the sync preferences. I hit the button to open sync preferences, enter my known-good username and pw, it backs out to a the main screen and it shows the error icon next to the sync icon. I click on that and it says the sync server did not accept my credentials.
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    Again, you have to click the Set Up Syncing button in the preferences. You can't just close the preferences after entering your username and password.
  • Oh I see. That did it. Thanks,
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