Feature request: Save PDF with comments of only certain colors

OK, it's possible I'm the only person on the planet with this workflow, but I'll put it out there in case there are others: I often categorize the comments I make on a PDF in Zotero by color. In particular, I use one color for comments *to myself* and another color for comments *to the author* (or *to a colleague*). That allows me to use one PDF and give feedback to the authors without sending them my stupid notes to myself.

It would be *amazing* of the "Save as" dialog for PDFs in Zotero had checkbox for the various comment colors. (Alternatively I guess it could go through the "Print" dialog, since there is already a "Zotero" section there.). That way I could make multi-color comments and then, when I want to send my comments to the author, I just save a version with the comments intended for them.
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