Bug with notes order in generated report Zotero 6


Here is my issue, I have to make a big literature review and my workflow is rather systematic. For each of my library entries I create 7 notes (child notes) which all start with the same heading. "1. General statement" ; "2. Main Argument" ... (which I then fill up with more texts and quotations)

I want to generate reports of selected entries (either individually or in bulk) but in my generated reports, the notes appear in random order instead of alphabetical. This despite my systematic numbering system. What is strange is that in my library these notes appear in a proper alphabetical order. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

To workaround this problem, I though of creating my own report based on my notes by simply adding the notes in a word docx (using zotero add-on on Microsoft word). But I realise that it was impossible to select more than one note at a time and that notes can only be search by taping within the zotero yellow box (not possible to search within my zot library) -> this makes it impossible for me to select the right item since I have dozens of notes starting with "1. General Statement"....

Any idea of how I can sort this out?

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