Zotero 7: Missing keyboard shortcuts for text formatting in notes and annotations

edited August 23, 2023
I was expecting to get similar shortcuts as in Word for simple text formatting:
- Ctrl+B for bold
- Ctrl+I for italic
- Ctrl+U for underline
- Ctrl+= for subscript
- Ctrl+Shift++ for superscript
The first 3 are already working in notes, but not the last 2.
Nothing works in annotations.

At the moment, when writing in annotations, the shortcut Ctrl++/- triggers the zoom in the PDF viewer. I am not sure if this is intended.

It would be nice also to get a shortcut for highlighting text in notes.

Another small thing: hovering over the text formatting icons in the note shows a popup explanation text, but not in the annotations. I am not sure if they are needed there.
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