Note history

edited August 23, 2023
As I am considering writing more content in Zotero notes, especially in groups for collaborative work, I would like to get the history of modifications. Ideally, it would look like the History feature and other features of Overleaf, with:
1) Date and name of who made the modification
2) Compare to another version
3) Label a version at a critical time to be able to get back to it easily
4) Track changes functionality
5) Review mode to give comments on the text (basically just add annotations to notes, in the same way as for PDF/EPUB/HTML files, with more functionalities like reply to comment, mark as solved to hide it, ...)

I am also worried about investing a lot of efforts in the writing with the risk of having another user delete the note and empty the trash. I understand that if that happens, it will also permanently delete the note for all users.
I understand that there are some short time backup functionalities in place in Zotero, and we should be making backups ourselves also. But if the deletion is noticed too late, there would not be any way to recover the content.
Would it be possible to add a "Local Bin" functionality for group libraries, where emptying the Bin must be done separately for each group member? Maybe limited to some type of groups and members if there are issues related to this.
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