Is it possible to add a forum feature to delete or merge discussion threads?

Hope you are well.

Sorry for disturbance but is it possible to add additional forum setting to allow thread/discussion initiator to ask forum moderators to delete the thread (or being able to directly delete it if no one participated yet)? Another option would be being able to merge the thread to a previous one (or to suggest so).

In many cases, members (me included) start a thread without thoroughly searching previous threads/discussions. They discover their fault later by themselves or when others point this out. I know this is initiator's fault, but it happens a lot. This causes more fragmentation in threads with lack of answers in some threads discussing similar topics (sometimes I try to refer to a solution I found in multiple threads discussing the same issue but I do not know if this is a suitable "posting" behavior or not?).

Sorry again if this issue has been raised before (and I am sure it has in one way or another although I tried to search before initiating this post)! and thanks for all your efforts.
  • It's fine. If you find a relevant thread, just link to it and continue in the original. A moderator might come along and delete or close the thread, but it doesn't matter as long as there's a link.

    We always ask people to err on the side of creating a new thread and linking to possibly relevant threads rather than posting to a thread that may or may not be related.
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