Zotero + Grammarly

What's the best way to combine Zotero + Grammarly?

I know Grammarly has a desktop app, but it's pretty terrible (on macOS, anyway). It wants permission to access all of your screens 24/7 then only seems to work half as well as when you use it directly on grammarly.com. I suppose if there were a direct integration between the two I would've found it by now (?).
  • Hi! I have not seen such an integration, and on a side note, I noticed that in particular for larger documents, Zotero started crashing after installing and having Grammarly running at the same time. Therefore, I disabled Grammarly and Zotero stopped crashing Word. I guess it must be an issue similar to Zotero crashing Word documents that are stored in any cloud server (i.e. OneDrive).
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