Macbook Air. Zotero Window tab to include move to other screen


i work on a Macbook Air laptop and i've inherited two other monitors so i work with three screens. Sometimes i need to move apps around the three different screens which can be done two ways (that i know about) via dragging the app or using the window tab on the app and clicking move to the named screen ( eg., screen 1 or screen 2 or screen 3). Zotero does not have the option to click, and dragging it is very difficult; it doesn't seem to like being dragged because it will shutter and I'll drop it and it takes generally 3 tries to get it to another screen.

is it possible to make a plug-in or feature it in the app to be able to click to move zotero to another screen, please?

or is there already a plug-in or something for this?

thanks for your time
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