Embed pdf annotations in-place, in batch

In the documentation (https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/annotations_in_database ), it was stated that "can trivially export your entire library with annotations embedded in your PDFs". This is true using the export library option. However, in-place update of files seems not possible.

For example, zotero login on desktop and iOS are synced for data and files. Annotating on iOS requires to use the built-in viewer (in my understanding of iOS, a file exported to other iOS app for annotation will need to be imported back, since that's two unrelated copies). And on desktop, if one uses other pdf editors in the workflow, they must 1) embed the annotations, 2) attach the new pdf to library item, 3) delete original. Which is clunky.

Various guides suggested using zotfile. Zotfile is not actively maintained, and in coming zotero 7's API breaking change will definitely break things.

The breaking changes also discouraged me from writing a plugin and I lean towards a standalone script. SQLite basics are not changing any time soon, and v6 database is somewhat compatible with v7. However, doc is against altering the SQLite database even without zotero running, so standalone scripts are basically not reliable.

The conclusion I have right now is that to truly benefit from file sync, built-in reader has to be used. This is weirdly painful. If there is a solution I would like to know.
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