Sort Bibliography by Author and Titel at the same time?


I have been tinkering with my own Zotero style. The requirements from the publisher want me to have my bibliography sorted by Author. However, there are some books which should appear in the bibliography with their title first and also be sorted accordingly. But, and here is my problem, they should be sorted into the ongoing sequence of the other items.

I am not familiar with csl and I have been using mostly the visual editor to edit my style. Therefore my question is maybe a bit naive: Is it possible to define some condition to tell Zotero to sort some books by title, but only some books, and include them in the order sequence of the authors? (Maybe an item field that could be 'abused'?).

I fear that it's not possible, but it might be worth asking.

Thanks in advance!

Just to clarify:

I would like:
1) Author A: Book A
2) Book B, edited by Y
3) Author D: Book U
4) Author Z: Book L

Currently I get the following, because I am sorting by author:
1) Author A: Book A
2) Author D: Book U
3) Book B, edited by Y
4) Author Z: Book L

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