Periodical Item type? (Journal, Newspaper, etc.)

I saw that earlier today someone had a question about adding in a Journal as an item type.

I actually have a similar question - I am working with a faculty member (historian) who is needing to add in items for a whole issue of a newspaper. Like, for example, Oldtown Gazette, July 4, 1776. He can put it in the "Newspaper Article" item, with the name of the publication as the Author and the date of the issue in the date field, and that looks fine for the footnoted citation, but not for the Bibliography, where the Publication is then not italicized, because you don't italicize the Author's name. The reason why we put the publication in as an author, is because there aren't bylines or articles titles in these old newspapers, so historian convention is to cite the whole issue.

If we change the item type to Book, everything gets italicized nicely, but then it only puts in the year of the publication, not the full date that he needs. We'll just get "Oldtown Gazette, 1776" in the citations.

Help? What did those early Zotero historian creators do to solve this problem?

  • I guess "manuscript" could be an alternative?
    Lots of citation styles don't use that yet though, so you would need to adapt the citation style. But it would give you a unique item type you could use for these instances maybe.
  • Which citation style? In the Chicago Styles, just leaving out the author should do this the way you want, including italics.
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