Adding selected text to note

edited August 18, 2023

I believe I used to be able to select some text in a pdf, and a menu would appear with highlighter colors and an "Add to Note" option. However, now, selecting a text would only show the different highlighter colors without the option to add the selected text to the note.

In order to add it to the note, I'd have to either copy it, drag it, or highlight it first, right-click, and choose "Add to Note."

I feel like removing the option to select the text and the menu automatically has the option "Add to Note" disrupts my workflow and adds unnecessary steps to accomplish the same thing.

Whether I choose to resort to the other available options still requires me to select the text anyway, so why not have this process more streamlined by including the "Add to Text" option in the popup menu with the highlighter color selection?

My the version of Zotero I use is: 7.0.0-beta.34+367ecb66c

Is this a bug on my end? Will there be a possible solution to this?

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