Zotero 7 Beta: Some problems/ issues with the new Inking annotations

edited August 20, 2023
Thank you very much for the great and powerful updates.

I just want to report facing three basic problems when trying to use the new inking annotations in windows 10 and 11:
1-Problem of continuous line: as the line of writing keeps drawing continuously just when I choose the pen/inking icon and hover over the screen (hover writing without touching the screen and the only way to stop the continuous line is to choose another annotation tool or press escape button).

2-Difficulties in curving the line and adding dots: The other problem is not being able to draw/write clear curves or dots (when writing in English or Arabic) making handwriting not clear at all.

These problems (continuous line, rough writing) do not occur When choosing to write/ink using the mouse or touchpad (not very practical).

I am not sure but the problems may be related to using EMR stylus (Lenovo x230t , Samsung S pen connected to windows laptop through super display/ spacedesk). Also the problems occurred when I used non battery xppen tablet artist screen. I will try to use zotero annotation with an AES stylus to make sure if the type of stylus technology is related to this issue (Or if any user had tried either emr or AES pens can tell).
I am using the latest Update of Zotero7.0.0-beta.36 (64-bit) in portable mode (zipped file) and tried on both windows 10 (x230t) and windows 11machines

3- Difficulties in adding tags to the annotations : pressing the tags under the annotations in the left pane does nothing.

Finally ,another related suggestion related to inking: adding option to show/hide inkings: The current implementation shows all inkings as annotations on the left pane. Is it possible to add an option to hide these inking annotations or show them only when needed?. This can be done manually though by using a specific color (or tag) for inking annotations only and then deselecting this tag. But having the option to only show or hide inking annotations (or any annotations by their type) might be useful.

Thank again for all your great and highly considerate efforts
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    The latest updates solved the 3rd problem of adding tags to inking annotations but the first two issues still exist. A possible solution as mentioned before is opening the pdf file in external pdf editor with annotation capability (as edge, xodo, pdf drawboard or pdf annotator) and add inking notes that would appear (simultaneously) in zotero pdf reader. These inking comments will not appear in Zotero left pane but this may be preferable for some users.
    Of course having the option to add inking notes in zotero itself (and the option to show or hide theses annotations from the left pane) is a great addition in zotero 7.
    Thanks again for all your efforts.
  • I've recently just started experiencing this issue after my writing tablet working fine initially. Seems to be an issue with windows ink and its communication to zotero as when I disable windows ink in the wacom tablet properties app the issue stops. Writing quality drops significantly though, so still looking for a solution that can allow windows ink to be used.
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