Zotero 7b35 MacOS menu/focus issues

I occasionally get (and have running now) a problem with Zotero 7b35 where the menu bar (including the apple menu) stops responding. Setting the focus to any other app restores the menu. Switching focus back to Zotero brings the problem back *and* doesn't actually bring Zotero to the foreground. Since I can't access the menu I cannot send a debug log. I will try to start using the console log more structurally to see if I can capture the problem in the log, but it doesn't happen every time I start Zotero 7b35.

  • It's possible that's something in Zotero, but we haven't received any other reports of that or seen it ourselves, so that may be due to something else on your system. (It looks like you're using some utility at least to replace the app switcher…)
  • Or just some Zotero plugin that's breaking the menus, unless this was with all plugins disabled
  • I do have a app switcher replacement, but Zotero is the only app that I've seen this with. This was with only BBT installed. I can't reliably replicate it, and it is pretty reliably gone when I restart Zotero, this this will be hard to test without BBT active.
  • Oh this was also on a displaylink monitor. That also sometimes messes with apps.
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