Zotero 7: Default behaviour of Rename associated file from Title of child item

I have tried to use the "Rename associated file" fonctionality from the child item's Title Prompt. Then I forgot about it and later edited some other titles. After editing other titles, I realized that the "Rename associated file" had become the default, making all new Filenames renamed from the newly edited Title.

I think that it would be better to keep this option ticked only for child items that are currently renamed from the Title of the child item. I find it confusing and easily overlooked to keep this as default for all child items when I simply want to edit the Title of the child item. It should be an active choice to select this renaming option on other files.

As side notes:
1) It would be nice to get more space to view the Title in the Prompt window, either allowing multiple lines to display the Title or allowing resizing of the popup window (or both).
2) If this option is kept in Zotero 7, it should probably be explained in the documentation, and also explain how it interacts with the new renaming functionality. At the moment, it seems that the latest renaming wins. This is fine for a single file. But if the option to rename all files from in library becomes available in the future, it will become important to clarify whether it will overwrite the renaming for the files currently renames from the Title of the child item.
Also explain the typical use of this functionality, which is probably to rename Supplementary Material files.
  • We're getting rid of that dialog altogether. You'll just be able to edit the attachment title and filename separately.
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