RIS files opening in Zotero instead of EndNote

  • Sorry this is a really old thread but it's the only one I see that relates to my problem, which is that I ordinarily use Endnote but need to use Zotero for some of my collaborations. Once I installed Zotero, it seems to be the default program, so I can't use EndNote anymore. For example, if I try to download then open an RIS file, which ordinarily automatically opens in Endnote and creates a new reference, it now goes to Zotero instead. Do you know how I can toggle between the programs depending on which project I am working on? Thanks very much.
  • (Please always start new threads for new issues — the thread you posted to isn't at all related. I've moved this to a new thread.)

    Zotero will automatically offer to import RIS files served from certain websites. You can disable that in the Zotero Connector preferences — right-click on the save button to access the preferences.

    For files you've downloaded (which would include those not served properly by websites, such that Zotero can't detect them automatically) that's just a Windows setting. We can't help with that, but you'd change the default program as you would for any other file type.
  • Excellent. I made that adjustment in windows and it did solve the issue. Duly noted re new threads, as well. Thanks for the advice.
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