Adding a Bibliography to Google Sites

I have tried to add a bibliography to Google Sites, but it seems to break the HTML code that exposes information to Zotero.

Using Zotero, I have exported a bibliography to HTML. I then copied the HTML to a Google Sites page, but Google seems to break the code. The result looks fine, but no information is exposed to Zotero. I'd love to have a Zotero-compatible bibliography...

Does anyone have any ideas on this?
  • Google almost certainly strips the COinS span elements that Zotero embeds and parses. Nothing Zotero can do about that.
  • edited April 20, 2010
    Google just remove the 'class' element but keep the 'title' element of the span.
    It also remove all META.
    I created a Google Apps Script that creates in Google Site one page per item (books) in Google Sites with a coins SPAN but I can't get it work for that reason...

    Where are listed the alternatives to get a web site Zotero friendly ? Maybe we can find another option that works ?
  • I'm still searching for a solution. Embedded HTML in Google Sites not using "class" attributes and not using "Meta" tag as they are removed from HTML by Google Sites.
    Anyone ?
    Should I try to write my own format and translator ?
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