Dock the floating cite link search bar or make it stay on top

edited August 13, 2023
The red cite link search bar that pops up for citation searches, often pops up behind a window on my screen. To get to the search bar that I know is somewhere, I have to collapse windows until I can find it. Sometimes, the search bar hides behind the Zotero window itself.

This is on both Windows and MacOS, where I have a version of "window focus follows mouse" enabled.

I would love it if the citation links search bar was not free floating, and was simply docked somewhere in the Zotero window.

In cases where I'm adding the citation to an external program e.g. Obsidian, then the citation search popup could be set to "always stay on top." I don't know the details of Windows or MacOS, but I've noticed that other programs there are able to create "always stay on top" popups.
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