Insert citation into a note with copy/paste, in addition to [+]

edited August 12, 2023
I like Zotero's ability to insert citation links into a Zotero note -- clickable links that look like this: "(Tang et al., 2021)". To insert one of those when I'm inside a note, I can click the [+] icon, search for the paper in the popup cite link search bar, and then do the insert.

But often, the cite link search bar doesn't help find the paper. Then I must go to the more powerful main search form at the top of the Zotero window, and use that to winnow down a more specific list of papers. Then I click through them until I've found the right one.

At that point, when I've finally found the right paper, there's no way to save a link to it. Instead, as far as I can tell, I must navigate my way back to the original note, and use [+] to search for the paper again.

So, I could really use a Zotero "copy-citation-link" function that copies a citation link to the paper my cursor is on. Then I could paste that into my note without redoing the search.

This doesn't seem like a huge change, since these links are already copy/pasteable. If some other note contains a link to (Tang et al., 2021), I can copy it from there and then paste it wherever I want.
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