How to undo View Snapshot default option

I have not used snapshots in the past but sought to learn more about them tonight. I chose the View Snapshop option and chose Adobe Acrobat as the venue. I vaguely recall that the selection said something like "always," but assumed there was a way to reverse that decision later. It's going to the paid version, offering me a 7-day trial. How can I make a new choice about how I want to view snapshots?
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    I'm not sure what you mean here.

    1) Is this about the Zotero 7 beta? Be sure to say so when that's the case, as you have in your other recent posts.

    2) The whole point of the latest beta — which I understood you to be using — is that it has built-in support for reading and annotating webpage snapshots, and if you just double-click the snapshot or click View Snapshot, it's going to open in the built-in reader without any sort of prompt.

    If you wanted to open snapshots elsewhere (e.g., your web browser), you would change that in the General pane of the preferences, the same place where you set whether to use the built-in PDF reader.

    If you open some other file type that's not known by the system, Zotero might ask you how to handle it, but that certainly shouldn't happen for View Snapshot.

    3) Acrobat would never be the right choice for snapshots. Acrobat is a PDF reader.

    So I'm quite confused by what exactly you've done or are trying to do here.
  • Sorry, Dan. I should have said this is for Zotero 6.0.26. I'm running both this and the 7 Beta, using separate profiles. I am unable to reproduce the exact scenario because the viewing option I chose removed the options. Given your response, I am wondering if the option I chose was somehow embedded there by Adobe and wasn't a Zotero option at all. I have tried it now on other testing profiles I've created, and whatever I did changed them all.

    As best I can recall, here is what occurred:

    1. I activated the flag in Preferences to capture Snapshots.
    2. I used the Zotero Connector to grab a web page, and it created the record in Zotero, with the snapshot attached.
    3. I right-clicked on the snapshot attachment and chose View Snapshot (I don't recall if I clicked or right-clicked). There were multiple options for how to view it. I was intrigued with the one that said Adobe Acrobat because I had just read a response to another Zotero user's question regarding the request to be able to turn snapshots into PDFs.
    4. I chose the Adobe Acrobat option. It asked if I wanted it always (or some wording to that effect) and, it being late and my brain tired, I said yes. It brought up the Adobe Acrobat Reader screen, then opened on top of that a screen that says "Create PDF" and offers me a free 7-day trial to Adobe Acrobat.
    5. I went back to Zotero and clicked on the View Snapshot option again. Now it gives me no options, but brings up the two Adobe screens again.

    How might I take Zotero back to what it was before I clicked that option?
  • I have been able to undo it by going into my Windows settings. In the process, Adobe had set itself as the default for .html files. What baffles me is that I now don't see it as an option when I click on View Snapshot. I am looking for some other link I might have clicked instead.
  • My theory is that I chose "Show File" rather than View Snapshot. I must have right-clicked on the file and chosen the Adobe Acrobat option. In answering "always," I set a Windows app default. So sorry to have wasted your time, Dan. Thanks for your help.
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