Trouble with updating to beta 29 from beta 28 ( update restarting to beta 28)

I am on 7.0.0-beta.28+3a43a98f1

I able to see update and download it

After I accepted updated I see

``Update Ready to Install
The undate will be installed the neyt timp /otero starts. You car
restart Zotero now, or continue working and restart later.

I restart and keep back into Zotero 28.

My debug log was enabled when I tried to reinstall

I can try now to download beta from website to check new features

Great work with the new features!
  • That likely just means it didn't fully restart. Restarting your computer would probably do the trick.
  • edited August 7, 2023
    Thanks now it fully restarted and I am on beta 29.
    Epub looks really nice!

    Thanks again to the whole team :)
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