When authorship is attributed (CMOS 17 14.79)

What is the best way to handle cases where authorship is not specified in a publication but is known? Chicago 17 14.79 says to use brackets and gives this example:

1. [Samuel Horsley], On the Prosodies of the Greek and Latin Languages (London, 1796)

[Horsley, Samuel]. On the Prosodies of the Greek and Latin Languages. London, 1796.

I don’t see a flag for “Attributed author” and I don’t see where to place brackets so that both note and bibliography come out correctly.
  • I don't believe we have a way to handle that that will work for both footnote and bibliography, sorry. I guess I'd enter the author as [Samuel Horsley] in single field mode and then fix the bibliography by hand at the end (knowing that you'd have to go through all attributed authors.
  • It seems that if there were a flag (or I could re-purpose some field as a flag), CSL could wrap the author with [ ] if the flag were true.
  • it's certainly possible to do in a custom version of the style, yes. Note that CSL won't let you test for content of variables, so you'd want to pick a variable that's never used. E.g., assuming attributed authors only appear for books (as seems plausible) you could do something like

    <if variable="issue" type="book" match="all">
    <text macro="contributor" prefix="[" suffix="]"/>
    <text macro="contributor"/>

    And then you could add
    Issue: Attributed author into the Extra field for the books in question. I haven't tested this & it might cause some oddness with the text appearing elsewhere. You could also use a variable like "Annotation" which is never produced by Zotero out of the box.
  • Thanks. I used macro="contributors" and that worked.

    (@adamsmith, what markup do I use to set off code as you did?)

  • FYI @kleerr. This might work for you.
  • Thanks John for alerting me to this discussion. I don't have any prior experience with CSL. But the approach suggested by @adamsmith is better by far than the one I'm using now (tossing square brackets into the author field in single-field mode) and, should any manual post-processing still be required, will make the end product far more reliable.
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