Beta 7 on Windows: Breaks screen reader accessibility


I just tried the zipped version of Zotero 7 Beta and found that I am no longer able to hear the name of the fields and, depending on screen reader, the content of the field when I select an item and tab through its related edit boxes (Name, Title etc.). Using NVDA, I don't hear anything, using JAWS, I hear the content of the edit box but don't hear any feedback when I press the arrow keys to move the cursor.

Since I have started using Zotero two years ago, I've never seen it that inaccessible. Is there any chance of this being fixed in the release version?

If not, is there a way to prevent automatic updates?

Thank you.
  • We'll take a look. Thanks for letting us know.
  • Thank you for looking into this. And I apologise if my post appeared several times, I had trouble sending it and tried several times. I didn't know it had worked until I got the Email containing your reply.
  • First-time posts are moderated. We removed the duplicates before they were posted — no worries.
  • I have found another problem: In the new citation style editor, I am told to press alt+f1 for more information on accessibility. When I do so, a dialogue opens. Among other things, it says: - Press Control+H now to open a browser window with more information related to editor accessibility.
    When I do so, apparently a page containing accessibility info opens. However, I have trouble reading it, because I can only move through it using the tab key. In this dialogue, I am unable to switch NVDA to browse mode, which is generally used to read webpages and documents. It would be the appropriate mode to be used here.
  • Hi,
    I have tried several betas and find that the problem still persists. Using NVDA, I cannot hear the field label or field content when I move through the fields of an item using the tab key. Is there are chance of this being fixed when version 7 is released? Else, can I prevent Zotero 6 from updating automatically? I worry that I'll not be able to continue my work if I'm surprised by an update.
    Thank you.
  • Accessibility in Zotero 7 will be greatly improved compared to Zotero 6. That work just isn’t in the betas yet.
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