Zotero shows an error when starts from Debian 12 the second day after the installation.


Yesterday, the Zotero had been installed on Debian 12 and it worked well. But today, when it started, there is an error:

"There was an error starting Zotero.

You can report this problem in the Zotero Forums.


  • These information:

    >[JavaScript Error: "[Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80520013 (NS_ERROR_FILE_READ_ONLY) [nsIFile.isWritable]" nsresult: "0x80520013 (NS_ERROR_FILE_READ_ONLY)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/zotero.js :: _initDB< :: line 760" data: no]"]
    tryCatcher@resource://zotero/loader.jsm -> resource://zotero/bluebird/util.js:16:16
    module.exports/PromiseSpawn.prototype._promiseFulfilled@resource://zotero/loader.jsm -> resource://zotero/bluebird/generators.js:97:18
    module.exports/Promise.prototype._settlePromise@resource://zotero/loader.jsm -> resource://zotero/bluebird/promise.js:609:17
    module.exports/Promise.prototype._settlePromise0@resource://zotero/loader.jsm -> resource://zotero/bluebird/promise.js:649:5
    module.exports/Promise.prototype._settlePromises@resource://zotero/loader.jsm -> resource://zotero/bluebird/promise.js:729:13
    _drainQueueStep@resource://zotero/loader.jsm -> resource://zotero/bluebird/async.js:93:9
    _drainQueue@resource://zotero/loader.jsm -> resource://zotero/bluebird/async.js:86:9
    Async.prototype._drainQueues@resource://zotero/loader.jsm -> resource://zotero/bluebird/async.js:102:5
    Async/this.drainQueues@resource://zotero/loader.jsm -> resource://zotero/bluebird/async.js:15:9

    >[JavaScript Error: "Error: Error(s) encountered during statement execution: attempt to write a readonly database [QUERY: REPLACE INTO settings VALUES ('db', 'integrityCheck', 1)] [PARAMS: ] [ERROR: attempt to write a readonly database]" {file: "chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/db.js" line: 680}]

    All were with blue background.
  • OK, so your zotero.sqlite database file isn't writable.
  • But by "ls -l", it is writable: -rwxrwxrwx 2 root root 292061184 Aug 1 12:28 zotero.sqlite
  • That's certainly not what it should be on a well-configured system, and it suggests you've made incorrect changes to permissions, but we can't provide general Linux support here. Zotero can't write to the file. It might be because of permissions on the ancestor directory or a problem with the volume mounting (e.g., if this is a remote/shared disk), but this absolutely isn't a problem in Zotero itself, and I'm afraid you'll need to debug it on your own.
  • You are right. It is a Windows disk auto mounted when Debian starts. Maybe something wrong here.
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