PDF2Text read mode

Currently, we can have PDF file content to be converted to text, currently, we can copy text but can't annotate anything on this text preview page.
So, I wonder if the team can have this feature supported? (If you sync annotations simultaneously between PDF file and text preview page, it will be really awesome).
Currently, PDF files can't provide a good reading experience, because such like the font, font size, font weight, color, etc. are not customizable, so that if you get a PDF file with chaotic typesetting, you will fill really awful while reading it.
BTW, hope you can support EPUB (azw3, even better) file format soon, thanks.
  • You're referring to the reader mode in the iOS app? Unfortunately we're not currently able to customize that view in any way, but we hope to be able to do so in the future.
  • Exactly, hope you can have this feature, thanks!
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