Zotero 7: Changes to item tag do not persist

Using 7.0.0-beta.21+d968e8ec3 (64-bit) on Linux, I tried to edit a tag for an item. However, the change does not persist.

Debug Id D740954712 hopefully captures an attempt to change a tag from "in progress" (orange) to "read" (green). In the side pane, the tag appears to have changed. However, in the main tree view, the color remains orange. After a few seconds, the tag in the side pane changes back to "in progress".
  • Reproducible with 7.0.0-beta.22+676f820f8 as well. It seems that the new tag remains in the side pane until we select a different item in the main tree view. Upon switching back to the original item, the tag in the side pane reverts. Meanwhile, the tag in the main tree always reflects the old value.
  • edited July 25, 2023
    It seems that hitting the enter key to exit the editing state causes the change to not be saved. However, if I click with the mouse outside of the text field to exit the editing state, then the change is saved.
  • I can confirm this also with 7.0.0-beta.22 on Mac OS 13.4.1 (c).
  • Thanks — this will be fixed in beta 24.
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