Tagging: View > Font Size > Bigger - Some Way to Let Tagging Interface ITSELF Resize

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In making highlights and adding tags, it is possible to use

View > Font Size > Bigger

to make the highlights and any added tags easier to read.

A BIG help!

One wee drawback - the actual TAGGING interface ITSELF...never resizes.

So that, you've got some highlight all set out, and, you're ready to tag it but...the window, text and selector process is all at around 12px.

For me, the work I'm doing is SO tag-centric - I'm tagging right the way through long files.

So, I'm basically having to lunge forward in my seat every few minutes just to be able to see among the tags I can choose.

I understand that this is not a run-of-the-mill repair. I'm guessing its PRETTY hard coded. But, it need not be a dial - perhaps

Default - Middle - Huge

in settings? So, that it would load out of the box, instead of needing to be on the fly?

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post images, or links. So, I'll conclude here, and add the link in a post below.

Hope there's some way to make this easier on us old timers what who are HAPPY to have

View > Font Size > Bigger

available, but just need it to work globally in some way.

The only metaphor I could come up with was, imagine if you could automatically resize the tires on your car, but...the steering wheel was REALLY tiny.

At some point the steering wheel could not even initiate a turn if the tires were big enough. For me, the size of the tag CHOOSER needs to be roughly the same size as the tags as they are displayed.


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    And, as I mentioned - hope I'm not breaking any rules, but here's an illustration of what I'm seeing. Look at how small the word alpha is in the box relative to the resized comments / highlights above:


    Many thanks.
  • We'll try to fix this in a future version.
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