Help editing Thomson Reuters - Legal, Tax & Accounting Australia style

Hi there,

I want to add a comma after the jurisdiction (aka publisher) for document type 'legislation' to comply with the Australian Business Law Review style guide ( The ABLR is a dependent style, so I believe I have to edit the parent style (

The current parent style renders legislation (in the footnote) as 'Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) ss 9 ('member’), 231.' but it should appear 'Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), ss 9 ('member’), 231.' - note the addition of the comma after (Cth).

I have tried adding to line 214, 213 and 57 (individually, not at the same time) but this did work and I can't figure out why.

Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  • I can have a look, but can you tell me where you entered the data in Zotero (field - value). Legal citations are always a headache for me.
  • Thanks, @damnation.

    UI label = Name of Act
    Zotero field = nameOfAct (title)
    CSL field = title
    Value = Corporations Act

    UI label = Code
    Zotero field = code
    CSL field = container-title
    Value = Cth

    UI label = Date Enacted
    Zotero field = dateEnacted (date)
    CSL field = issued
    Value = 2001.

    Much appreciated!
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