Start from Scratch


Ready to try to use Zotero as my main application for Reference Management and editing PDFs.

Started a few times before, but dropped off. Clearly its the best after testing the others.

Just updated to 7.

In my file structure there are storage folders dating back to December 2021.

I want to uninstall EVERYTHING, so that there's no trace of the other files, which are all also tests.

I believe I have uninstalled before, so seems like it's possible to uninstall and leave existing data? That's a good idea.

But, in my case I need to uninstall WHOLLY - so that the data files and any other vestigial folders / data and what not are removed.

Then, I'll reinstall 7 100% fresh.

So, since it seems that the files can stay after uninstall - what process should I use to ENSURE everything is removed?

Using Windows 10.

Many thanks!

  • You can just delete everything in the library and empty the trash. There's really nothing else to do it.

    If there are still folders in your 'storage' folder after that (e.g., orphaned from some previous database), you can just delete them, or you could delete the entire Zotero data directory with Zotero closed.
  • Ah! Yep, yep. Easy enough. All set.



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