How Can I Draw on My PDFs?


I need a way to draw on or drop my own text comments on the face of the PDF documents I'm using.

I know I can highlight text. And, put sticky notes on the face of the page, which of course I could read at the left.

Owing to the abstract nature of the topics and multiple languages, it's really easier to have the words I need physically NEXT to the words in question.

With the current PDF application, is this possible in any way?

Either directly, or indirectly?


  • Text annotations are coming soon.
  • Hello, Dr. S!

    You guys just KEEP doing it! You know, I've rarely posted a question that isn't resolved in this manner - such that "We're on it! Hold tight!" BLESS you folks!

    When I see how hard you all work - Version 7 - to help so many people I feel impressed. Thank you, dstillman, and WHOLE Zotero team! :)))
  • I would also love to see this feature. The highlight feature doesn't currently work on some .pdf's (the image-based ones). While Zotero does allow text-box comments on these .pdf's, a drawing feature would greatly improve .pdf note-taking.. Is this still in the works?
  • @rheuer: Zotero 7, currently in beta, supports ink and text annotations. (You've always been able to create ink annotations in the iOS app.)
  • omg thank you so much! The new annotation capabilities are great!
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