Zotero 7: Refreshing the bibliography will overwrite the "bibliography" style in word

## issue
When Zotero 7 beta updates the bibliography in Word, the "Bibliography" style will be overwritten.
For example, I inserted some citations and added a bibliography. Then I changed the line spacing of the "bibliography" style in word to "double". When I refreshed, the line spacing was reset to single, but what I expected was to keep the "double line spacing" I manually set.

## environment
Zotero: 7.0.0-beta.19+838152155 (64-bit)
MS Word: Microsoft® Word 适用于 Microsoft 365MSO (版本 2308 Build 16.0.16708.20002) 64 位
Word Add-in: Could not find the version number of the MS Word Add-in, but clicked "Reinstall Microsoft Word Add-in" in Zotero

## related
I guess this is due to this PR: https://github.com/zotero/zotero/pull/3195/files
  • I think that's right -- that change does fix a fairly common issue where people ended up with lost indentation/spacing in their bibliography, but at the cost of no longer allowing customized bibliography styles in Word. And while line spacing can be set via CSL, other things (e.g., precise indentation levels) cannot be, so I'm not convinced this is a good trade-off (as the original issue could be fixed by switching to a different style and back).
  • I think allowing cutomized bibliography styles in Word would be better, as the font, size could not be set vis CSL.
  • And line-spacing and entry-spacing in CSL only take integers -- yeah, lots of reasons people may want to customize the Word style. I don't think breaking this is good.
  • No, although line spacing can be controlled by csl, but csl controls the output in the format it should be published. Many journals require double-spaced manuscripts during the peer-review stage for easy reading. It is impossible for us to provide both publication and manuscript versions for every journal.
  • At least line spacing and paragraph spacing, if csl does not explicitly specify the value, zotero should take the value set by the user as the standard.

    There are a large number of csl files in csl's repo that are not independent csls. They are generally consistent with the main csl, but there may be differences in hanging indentation and line spacing. For example, environmental science & technology under ACS is only a reference to ACS. However, acs is indented in the first line, but environmental science and technology is not.
  • We've reverted this in beta 21, which will be out in a few minutes.
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