[ID:2120243614] Not sure with which problem is related

Dear developers and community, I am not sure with which problem is the error report ID related given that I did encounter a few problems mainly with PDF rendering and annotation and I am trying to check if there is anything wrong with the add-ons according to historic experience. However, as was suggested by the popup, I need to post the error ID here in this forum in order to feed back and obtain suggestions. Hence, if any clue has already been revealed in the error report and skipped my ignorant mind, please reply and any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  • We really do need a more specific description of what's not working for you (what type of PDFs aren't rendering and how, what sort of issues with annotations,etc). The report IDs are used to investigate specific issues, they are basically meaningless without context.

  • @Guest3713: You should start by disabling all plugins and confirming that the problem, whatever it is, is still occurring. If so, we'll need more info, as adamsmith says.
  • Many thanks, I did not know that report IDs are simply meaningless without specific context. I will try to disable plugins in sequence and to find out, and provide more info here subsequently. Thanks for your attention again.
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